21/01/2010 10:25
Has the installation of the re-enforced steel door reduced the air current compared to the way it was before the cave was opened to the public?

Before the explorations the entrance consisted of a narrow opening partially blocked by debris, whose horizontal section was a tenth of what the re-enforced steel door is today (about two square metres). So as not to alter the circulation of fresh air a group of air vents the same width as the original narrow opening have been put beside the door. This precaution however is useless since, the minimum section of the initial gallery, in the last few thousand years, has undergone continuous variations, passing several times from a situation of total obstruction  (when the siphon is full) to a width of more than 5 square metres. Before the cave was opened to the public, in this part of the cave it was normal to have great variation in the air circulation and not a constant change of air.