30/07/2017 05:38
Photography exhibition opening

The fiftieth birthday of the Grotta del Vento continues with a series of initiatives.
On Friday 28
th July a photographic exhibition was opened which illustrates the various phases of the equipping of the cave, as well as other curiosities about the various aspects of this fascinating underground complex, such as the fauna, the unusual formations and particular events.
The mayor of Fabbriche di Vergemoli Michele Giannini took part in this event, along with the regional coucillor Marco Remaschi, the mayor of Gallicano David Saisi, the mayor of Molazzana Rino Simonetti, the commissioner of public works for the municipality of Barga Piero Onesti, the president of the land reclamation authority 1 Toscana Nord Rolando Bellandi, the commander of the Carabinieri Police station of Gallicano Antonino Nastasi, and the scientific director of the Apuan Alps ecomuseum Fabio Baroni.
After the presentation of the exhibition, Vittorio Verole-Bozzello put the emphasis on the necessity to adjust the road conditions from Gallicano to the importance of the cave. The lack of a road permitting the transit of big coaches diverts the choice of tour operators elsewhere, reducing dramatically the biggest opportunity of touristic development and employment of the entire Serchio Valley, where at least 50.000 more people annually would provide a lifeline for all the businesses working in the restaurant trade, tourist accommodation, commerce, even encouraging new initiatives by entrepreneurs.
After the ritual cutting of the ribbon at the entrance to the cave by the mayor Michele Giannini, the authorities made the complete touristic tour of the cave, guided by Vittorio Verole-Bozzello, to whom a plaque for distinguished achievement was given along with a scroll expressing the appreciation for having promoted the territory making it an excellence known internationally.
The Management of the Grotta del Vento thanks the authorities who participated, with particular appreciation for the interest shown to improve the road conditions.
The celebrations continue; keep an eye on the news of the website www.grottadelvento.com, the facebook page and the blog. https://grottadelvento.wordpress.com