There are two car parks near the visitor's reception area of the Grotta del Vento.

Private car park free for customers – white lines

The Grotta del Vento's car park is past the metal gate. It doesn't have a lot of places, but it's free and very close to the ticket office and the entrance to the cave. It can contain mostly cars and, with some difficulty, larger vehicles.

The car park gate is shut after the closing time of the cave (19:00).

Council car park with a fee – blue lines

The public car park is outside the gate, run by the Municipality of Vergemoli (External link). From 9:00 to 19:00 the council car park has a fee with the following prices for a minimum of 4 hours:

€ 3,00 Cars
€ 4,50 Camper vans
€ 10,50 Coaches

The car park remains open at night and is free. Campers are allowed to spend the night there.