The tours in the cave

The touristic route is divided into 3 parts, with aspects completely different from one another.

In the first part, the flattest,a great amount of limestone formations such as stalactites and stalagmites can be seen and most of them are still growing.

In the second part a descent is made into an area of the cave that is still expanding, without limestone formations, but with forms of erosion on the walls, a little underground river on the bottom and some unusual mud formations in the tunnel taken on the way back.

In the third part a shaft is visited, a perfectly-vertical 90-metre shaft, which is climbed from the bottom to reach a final chamber at the top, followed by a short underground canyon.

The tour of all 3 parts, the third itinerary, lasts about 3 hours, but it's possible to visit only the first part with the first itinerary, about one hour, or the first 2 parts with the second itinerary of about 2 hours.

In the following table the main characteristics are given in figures:

What to see Approximate
Length return
tour (m)
in level (m)
(up + down)


1 hour
~800 ~35 366


Active Cave
2 hours
~1500 ~75 804
Active Cave
3 hours
~2200 ~83 1195

The routes are all floored in cement, with metal railings and artificial lighting so are easily accessible for most visitors. When choosing your tour however, we suggest that you evaluate that the length, number of steps and total difference in height are compatible for your own physical conditions.

Clothing advised

The temperature inside is constant at +10,7°C, and the relative humidity around 99%, so clothing suitable for these climatic conditions is advised.

Sensibility to hot/cold depends on each individual, but in general a sweater and a pair of long trousers are fine for the majority of visitors. Avoid both excessively light and heavy clothing (quilted trousers, anoraks etc.).

The walkway is rough cement so it is not particularly slippery. For further safety however we advise you to wear rubber-soled shoes.

Following particularly heavy rainfall, there can be quite a lot of water dripping on the path. Especially in the parts visited in the Third Itinerary (3 hours) it's advisable to wear a light waterproof jacket.

In the Grotta del Vento it is also possible to do special adventure routes, semi-speleological routes.

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