The tours

In the Wind Cave, apart from the standard touristic tours, it's also possible to do routes without any walkways, going up ladders or climbing along the walls, tied to safety ropes and accompanied by expert speleologists. For the adventure routes it's also possible to choose between 2 different tours.

The tour “The Abysses of Light” goes up the first shafts which are all entirely illuminated with spotlights, and anticipate a rope descent of 10 metres in mid air. The duration of the tour is a maximum of 3 hours.

The tour “The Corridors of Darkness” includes the first, but proceeds in areas not equipped with electrical lighting, where the only illumination is the light on your helmets. Two rope descents in mid air are foreseen on this tour, one of 12 metres and another of 10, or only one of 25 metres. The maximum duration is 5 hours.

Both tours are almost completely made in vertical areas, so they are not suitable for those who are afraid of heights and suffer from vertigo. A minimum amount of physical preparation is necessary to be able to do the easy climbing and the ascents up the ladders.

Children can participate if accompanied by an adult. A minimum height of 1,40 m. is requested to be able to reach the notches. To do the rope descents a minimum weight of at least 30 kilos is necessary.

The duration of the adventure routes varies considerably and mainly depends on the number of participants and the speed at which they proceed. For this reason only the maximum duration has been indicated.

The tours are made by reservation only, for groups of minimum 2 and maximum 6 participants.

We advise you to make a reservation by phone at the number 0583-722024 to get information.

Clothing and footwear required

  • Comfortable sturdy shoes. Hiking boots are fine or a sturdy type of running shoe. Walking on jagged rocks it's best to avoid lighter tennis shoes as the tear more easily.
  • Comfortable tough clothing that you don't mind getting torn as sometimes clothing can get caught on the jagged rocks and tear. The temperature, as in the rest of the cave, is +10.7°C; so wear appropriate clothing to suit you, avoiding either too light or too heavy articles of clothing.
  • Gloves. They are not strictly necessary and many people prefer not to wear them, but going up metal ladders, with a temperature of +10,7°C, can make your hands cold. Also the rocks can be sharp. We do advise thin gloves however to maintain a good sensibility.

Equipment supplied by us

  • Helmet
  • Disposable under helmet
  • Head lamp
  • Caving harness
  • Safety ropes
  • Textile tapes
  • Snap links

Opening times and prices

The Abysses of Light starts in the morning at 10.00 and costs 50 Euro per person.

The Corridors of Darkness starts in the afternoon at 14.00 and costs 70 Euro per person.

The adventure routes have a fixed rate: there are no discounts for children or other categories of visitors.
As for all the tours, payment is made at the ticket office of the cave before entering.