The first expedition for research purposes was organised in 1929 Florentine Speleological Group of the Italian Alpine Club, which stopped at about 60 metres from the entrance, in front of a siphon where a tunnel was immersed.

The Bolognese Speleological of the Italian Alpine Club had better luck in 1961, when they entered the cave during an exceptionally dry period and found the water level considerably lowered. On that occasion 640 metres of galleries.

However the most important exploration was made in September of 1964 Lucca Speleological Group of the Italian Alpine Club, who brought the exploration of this cavity to 1110 metres, making a topographical drawing, a preliminary geomorphological study and extensive photographic documentation.

In 1968 The Speleological Group Grotta del Vento began a series of studies which in the following years would more than double the known part of the cave.

In 1975 its extension was 2470 metres. Important new routes, mostly accessible to tourists, were added to the branches explored in 1964, such as the Intermediate Tunnel and the Branch of Infinity, nowadays made accessible by the walkways of the third itinerary.

At the moment, in The Wind Cave more than four and a half of galleries are known. At least twenty branches have still to be explored.